AWA China Website Launch - Fishing Investment and Management [FIM]

Oct 08, 2015
Australian Wild Abalone (AWA) is the industry’s leading organisation for support and growth of Australian abalone. Together with the support of the Australian Seafood CRC and FRDC, a brand new website has been launched exclusively to the Chinese market.
The AWA has developed the new website, supplemented by social media campaigns, to coincide with their launch of a supply chain in Shanghai. The AWA believes this will strengthen Australia’s reputation as a supplier of premium abalone while securing their place in the Chinese market, both B2B and B2C.  This follows a trend moving away from farmed Chinese abalone, and seeking a higher quality product.  Australia currently produces half of the world’s wild caught abalone.

Executive Chair of Abalone Council Australia, Dean Lisson said, “Establishing the new China based AWA® website & social media is important to the program activities helping us to achieve our main objective of the AWA® program - “to create an awareness of and a preference for Australian Wild Abalone” – particularly in a global market that is increasingly connected to the internet and is becoming more discerning and sophisticated in its purchasing habits." 
The new website and Chinese social media platforms are now live in the beta stage and can be visited at:
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