Alan Gray – Director FIM and Vice President (Australia), TRL

Alan Gray – Director FIM and Vice President (Australia), TRL Alan has been involved in the Australian and Tasmanian fishing industry since 1988 and is a hugely well-respected and well-known member of that tight-knit community. His experience is wide-ranging both in a hands-on capacity as an abalone licence owner and diver and at a managerial level in his role as a board member of the Tasmanian Abalone Council (TAC).

Alan is also a member of two government bodies the Abalone Fishing Advisory Committee (ABFAC) and the Fishing Research Advisory Group (FRAG). His contribution and experience in the sustainable fishing industry in Tasmania led to him being voted the President of TAC Quota Holders Sub-Council in 2013. In the commercial sector, Alan has been a director of Shelly Point Seafish Pty Ltd of Tasmania. Along with Phil Simpson, Alan was a founding director of Fishing Investment & Management P/L. Alan’s experience of Tasmania’s sustainable fishing industry is invaluable in helping Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) to meet its aim to nurture the world’s natural resources



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